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GOEASYDO is an integrated communications company which specializes in comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy and services, it is also an Online Marketplace for Outdoor Advertising. It has Been Designed as an Essential Tool for Hoarding Advertising Space Buyers, Media Owners and Outdoor Advertising Agencies. Mera Hoardings Aggregates Outdoor Media Inventory and Facilitates a Media Plan for Billboard Advertising.

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The Digital Mantra

We not only empower businesses. We digipowerize them.

The internet is the penultimate battle field for every business; it is the doorway for future businesses. To sustain businesses brands and companies need to have the right mix of digital communication and strategy. The right mix of digital strategy is essential to compete in today’s ever evolving digital space.

At GOEASYDO, we deploy ‘The Digital Mantra’ to strategize and build a formidable brand. The brand is built in five stages from understanding, analyzing, conceptualizing and digi- powerizing; the process also aids towards sustaining all kinds of competition’s strategy and eventually stays ahead of them. The digital Mantra deployed by GOEASYDO energizes, strengthens and digipowerizes the brand to sustain and grow into a reckoning and formidable brand.

The 5-step mantra at GOEASYDO:-

Outdoor Advertising


Outdoor Advertising or Out of Home Advertising is the last mile of visibility. The most proven medium of recall, if planned strategically. Modtraa has a proven history of designing best impact OOH campaigns.

OOH captures eyeballs of prospective customers, while away from home. A research says “A consumer spends 70% of their time being surrounded by OOH”.

We have the expertise of managing regional, rural and national outdoor campaigns including hoardings, mobile vans, bus brandings, vehicle brandings, medians, bulk headers, gantries, bus shelters, Street Furniture etc.

A Winning Communication Partnership

  • Understanding the communication requirement​

  • Understanding of the medium as it evolves​

  • Depth of knowledge and experienced teams​

  • Expertise in developing effective OOH & Experiential solutions​

  • Innovation: Our core DNA​

  • Management process, control and accountability

  • Enhanced ROI​

  • Credibility, integrity and transparency​

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